Rune Aeschlimann is a young Swiss-based Photographer and content creator who loves to travel and drink coffee! During the past few years, he has shot videos and photographs for several productions focusing on outdoor and adventure content.

The passion of discovering new places and telling thrilling Stories always keeps him pushing the boundaries to get to the next level and to learn new skills.

His professional work emphasizes the importance of storytelling. The small moments in between are what matters the most. It’s about the experience and the journey as a whole.

The name RISETHEALPS originates in the passion of hiking up mountains and always striving for more. Rising victorious over time, he chose to keep the name as it was unique and memorable.

Rune draws much of his inspiration for his visual pieces from Movies, Music, and Travels to distant locations.
Having the capability to shoot and produce all types of projects, Rune will bring your vision to life in a creative and unique way.


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